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Life as a Bio Major

*sigh* I knew it would happen eventually. but it feels like it's happening too soon. Let me explain, starting on Monday I have 3 exams (A&P, Chemistry and Bio Evolution). For Bio, it's not too bad and it's not until Wednesday with just essay questions on a small amount of topics. A&P is just lots of reading and memorization of the cell and the cell cycle along with atom/molecular structure and body posititons. As long as I read and go over everything including the diagrams in the text, I should be fine. Then there's Chemistry....

Let me begin by stating the fact that my Chem teacher was hired the day before classes officially started. Not only that, my class is his guinea pig class. No prior teaching at all. Before this he was a researcher. Must've gotten fired or something..

Anyway for his exam is damn near IMPOSSIBLE. Keep in mind this is the first exam, but  all the info he wants us to know it feels like a midterm. Not only do we have to know the first 3 chapters (Chapter 2 being extremely long) and the labs, but we basically have to memorize the periodic table of elements along with the charges, all the bases and acids, and something else but I forget what. But these aren't the only thing wrong, he doesn't even teach. He just goes over slides like we already know the information( a good 98% of us haven't touch Chemisty since 10th grade) so it's all new to us. He won't do examples, says everything like it's so "obvious," and it feels like he wants us to win the Nobel Prize in Chem. Even when someone asks a legitamit question in class he gets an attitude. But hey, I'll deal until December providing that I don't fail.

I am going to have to get used to this for the next years, so no time like the present. Later dayz.


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